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En la edición especial LE POWERFUL WOMEN de la revista Le en español, encontrarás información legal de vanguardia, consejos, análisis jurídicos y entrevistas de mujeres líderes más relevantes en la industria legal de América Latina. 

Deloitte una de las firmas consultoras del mundo, con más + de 15.000.000 de seguidores en Social Media  y cientos de miles de Colaboradores, ocupa la portada y varios espacios dentro de la revista. Además, las entrevistas de cuatro de las socias de Deloitte Región Andina, que vienen cargadas de conocimiento y consejos de años de experiencia en el ejercicio del derecho, que no podras encontrar en otro magazine legal.

La entrevista de la presidenta de Ernst and Young Colombia, Ximena Zuluaga, es un hit en esta edición, aquí encontrarás la mágia y experiencia detrás de sus palabras; en la entrevista de Mariana Posse, socia fundadora de Posse Herrera Ruiz, podrás encontrar la sabiduría e inteligencia de una mujer pionera en la industria legal; en la entrevista de Ángela Sánchez, socia de PwC Colombia, encontrarás la fuerza interior y liderazgo; en la entrevista de... Podríamos seguir hablando de las Powerful Women, mejor descurbre este mundo maravilloso, y lee nuestra fantástica edición.

Sin dejar atrás, artículos legales de vanguardia, curiosidades legales que no sabías, entre otros, todo bajo la participación de las Le Powerful Women que nos acompañaron en esta edición especial.

Succes by Max Sterling Editor Latin America

When starting a new cycle, we believe that we will have to learn new things, in reality when you start a new cycle, you have to shed the skin of who you were before to become the one who will take charge of a new lifestyle.

Success is built brick by brick, along the way you will find that there are bricks that fit like the people in your life, and that there are defective bricks that you will have to change, you will find that, even if it rains, and the weather is not the best friend of cement, It must be pasted on a part of the wall.

What will the bricks at the bottom of the wall say? I'm not good enough to be at the top of the wall. What will the bricks at the top of the wall say? I'm the best, from here I can be the king of the world.

The truth is that neither those at the top nor those at the bottom are successful on their own, it is the group, like the people and the teams, who form the true success, the complete wall, just like Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805, he needed an army of 68,000 to 75,000 soldiers, and his Russian and Austrian forces numbered around 85,000 to 95,000 soldiers. As well as, Elizabeth I, Queen of England during the Golden Age, who, together with her servants, led the cultural, political and economic expansion of her country.

Well, my friends, in the same way, this writing that we present below has been built by an army, not of thousands, but of several, who with their ingenuity, dedication, hard work, persistence, consistency, optimism and leadership, they have been part of the great wall, no matter if they are at the base of the wall, or if they are at the top of the wall, we know that success belongs to the team, rarely do the bricks at the top rise without someone that allows them to stand on the base.

In this edition in Spanish, you will find corporate, tax, and corporate legal analysis, content on artificial intelligence, autonomous and smart contracts, legal curiosities, cutting-edge topics, and also, advice from leading women lawyers in Latin America, starting with four of the most representative partners of Deloitte from this Region, Colombia and Peru...